ARThentic Arts


ARThentic Arts (ARTs) is a facilitator for the culture of arts offering creative exploration and access to the arts for underrepresented communities, while serving local creatives and emerging artists through resources for advancement.

Arthentic Arts offers an all inclusive creative and collaborative hub, with a keen interest in offering safe haven to BIPOC and BLGBTQ artists and creatives along the spectrum.


  • Art Programming

  • Community Exhibits, Showcases, & Events

  • Emerging Artist Development & Training

  • Artists Opportunities & Outreach

  • Studio Space & Resources

  • Charitable Donations

  • Public Projects & Resources

  • Grants/Funding


Art Programming is available for community organizations, schools, charitable foundations, and businesses to host art programming, workshops, and training in the arts.

Community Exhibits, Showcases, & Events feature local and emerging artists, offering portfolio building opportunities for creatives. These art centered events will provide access to the arts in and for underrepresented communities.

Public Art initiatives and installations offers art to underrepresented neighborhoods while contracting local emerging creatives.

Free Community Art Programming Event for Indianapolis East Side Residents hosted at 10 East Arts Hub.


  • Emerging Artist Development & Training advances skills set, practices, and professional practices of artists and creatives that lack resources. Master classes and training's, resume building, professional development workshops focusing on multi-disciplinary arts including various disciplines such as painting, digital art, pottery & crafts, music, dance, fashion, & more.

  • Artists Opportunities & Outreach are available through contracted projects, workshops, showcases, residencies, apprenticeships, teaching, and exhibit opportunities. ARTs serves as a liaison connecting artists to local opportunities and providing resources we can.

  • Studio Space & Resources will be available to artists who cannot afford studio rent and can practice their craft in available studio with supplies available for use.

  • BIPOC and Black LGBTQ Artists will find a safe haven community and resources to help navigate the arts within an intersection.


  • Community Organizations and Local Businesses can collaborate for outreach and arts initiatives, charitable donations, events and programming, and sponsorship for all ARTs events and community programming to help serve the arts community.

    • Public Murals & Installations

    • Exhibits & Showcases

    • Programming/ Event

    • Grant/Funding

    • Outreach & Initiatives

    • Sponsorship

    • Donations

    • Venue Hosting (events/showcases)


Serving the Indianapolis Area



text line: 317.934.0402