ARThentic Arts



ARThentic Arts (ARTs) is a dedicated catalyst for fostering a vibrant arts culture, committed to providing avenues for creative exploration and expanding access to the arts within underrepresented Indianapolis communities. Our mission extends to empowering disadvantaged local creatives and emerging artists by providing them with essential resources for growth and advancement.

At the core of ARThentic Arts is an inclusive and collaborative hub, designed to be a sanctuary for underserved Black creatives. Our commitment extends to ensuring equitable support for BIPOC and BIPOC LGBTQ artists and creatives across the entire spectrum. Through our initiatives, we strive to cultivate an environment that nurtures creativity, fosters collaboration, and champions the diverse voices that contribute to the arts.



Art Programming is available for community organizations, schools, charitable foundations, and businesses to host art programming, workshops, and training in the arts. 

Community Exhibits, Showcases, & Events feature local and emerging artists, offering portfolio building opportunities for creatives. These art centered events will provide access to the arts in and for underrepresented communities. 

Public Art initiatives and installations offers art to underrepresented neighborhoods while contracting local emerging creatives.

Free Community Art Programming  Event for Indianapolis East Side Residents hosted at 10 East Arts Hub.




Serving the Indianapolis Area



text line: 317.934.0402